Not to be confused with Badges.

Achievements are a mechanic in Survive The Disasters 2.



Achievements are bonus rewards obtained by the player when a task is completed by the player, such as killing a target, reaching a certain Streak, surviving a certain number of times, or finding special objects.


Achievements List

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Italic achievements require at least 7 players in server to obtain.

Achievement Coins EXP Objective Difficulty
3 Survival Streak! 80 80 Reach a Survival Streak of 3. Very easy
7 Survival Streak! 200 200 Reach a Survival Streak of 7. Easy
13 Survival Streak! 400 400 Reach a Survival Streak of 13. Easy
21 Survival Streak! 750 750 Reach a Survival Streak of 21. Moderate
33 Survival Streak! 1,500 1,500 Reach a Survival Streak of 33. Difficult
50 Survival Streak! 3,000 3,000 Reach a Survival streak of 50. Difficult
75 Survival Streak! 6,000 6,000 Reach a Survival Streak of 75. Very difficult
100 Survival Streak! 10,000 10,000 Reach a Survival Streak of 100. Very difficult
150 Survival Streak! 15,000 15,000 Reach a Survival Streak of 150. Extremely difficult
200 Survival Streak! 20,000 20,000 Reach a Survival Streak of 200. Extremely difficult
250 Survival Streak! 25,000 25,000 Reach a Survival Streak of 250. Insanely difficult (It takes 4 hours without dying)
Coins! Depends on Disaster (x2 with Double Coins Gamepass) Depends on Disaster Survive any disaster. Very easy
Robbed -60 per hit (depends on how many times you got hit by thief) None Get damaged by the Thief. Easy
Cruel Defeat N/A N/A Have all players die in a round (server must have at least seven players). Depends on other players' skill and Disaster's difficulty
Last One Standing 0-500+ (depends on how many people in the server, and Disaster) Double the Disaster's coin payout Be the only survivor in a round (server must have at least seven players). Difficult (depends on your skill and Disaster's difficulty)
Teamwork Triumph 100-300+ 100-300+ Have all players survive a round (server must have at least seven players). Fairly easy (depends on other players' skill and Disaster's difficulty)
The Fool! (Or Unluckiest one) (Removed) N/A N/A Be the only player to die in a round. Moderate
Bloxxer Disaster's Bloxxer reward Double the Disaster's Bloxxer reward Killing a target with any weapons or even Karma. Easy
Extra Coins 4 per Rings collected None Collect a ring in Green Hill Zone or during the Ring Balloon Bonus Round. Easy
MVP Depends on Skill Rank. Depends on Skill Rank. Have the best Streak on the server (server must have at least seven players). Moderate (depends on other players' skill)
Ranked Up! N/A N/A Reach the next Rank. Depends on how long/well the player has played.
25 Survivals! 1,000 1,000 Reach a total of 25 Survivals. Very easy
50 Survivals! 2,000 2,000 Reach a total of 50 Survivals. Easy
100 Survivals! 4,000 4,000 Reach a total of 100 Survivals. Moderate
250 Survivals! 10,000 10,000 Reach a total of 250 Survivals. Moderate
500 Survivals! 20,000 20,000 Reach a total of 500 Survivals. Difficult
1000 Survivals! 40,000 40,000 Reach a total of 1000 Survivals. Difficult
2000 Survivals! 60,000 60,000 Reach a total of 2000 Survivals. Very difficult
4000 Survivals! 80,000 80,000 Reach a total of 4000 Survivals. Very difficult
Hoop Coins 10+ 10+ Go through a hoop in Falling Hoops Bonus Round. Easy
Tokens Hunted 5+ 5+ Collect Tokens in Token Hunt Bonus Round. Easy
Skill Rank Up! N/A N/A Reach the next skill rank. Depends on the player's actual skill.
Close Finish...! 50% of survival award and Bloxxer 50% of survival award and Bloxxer Die within the last 3 seconds of a round. Fairly easy (If you do it on purpose)
Supporter 1 coin per 3 hp healed,rounded down. Same as coins reward. Heals allies with Healing Staff or First Aid Kit. Moderate

Musical Themes

Last One Standing - Example - Last Ones Standing (Doctor P Remix)

Cruel Defeat - Sonic CD - Game Over (US)


  • Bloxxer was originally called Slayer.
  • Before, Cruel Defeat was positive, but it gave barely any Coins. It was changed to decrease your exp.
    • In a later version, Cruel Defeat's penalty was removed. Cruel Defeat has no function now.
  • In the Beta, when you reach a survival streak of 13, you get a "15 Survival Streak!" achievement instead of a "13 Survival Streak!" achievement.
  • In the beta, Last One Standing used to be colored pink on the top and yellow on the bottom.
  • Teamwork Triumph originally had a pink > white > green gradient.
  • The Fool used to be called Unluckiest One.
  • Supporter used to be called 'Healer' in leaked images.
  • Close Finish used to be called Close Call.