(Map) Become A Cop Robber Or Adopt A Baby

A picture from the south side.

Become A Cop Robber Or Adopt A Baby is a Map in Survive the Disasters 3 and Survive The Disasters 4.


This map takes place in a basic neighbourhood with free modeled buildings, such as a treehouse on the front-side, a big house on the right-side, a closed building on the left, some trees and road details. This map is clearly a joke about the roblox modern games and it's clickbaits.

Key Features

  • A large tree house to the left of the shop.
  • A large house on the east side.
  • An adoption center to the left of the shop.
  • A rustic watchtower.
  • A building with no doors, and glass panes.
  • 2 prison cells, with working doors and buttons.



  • This Map was created to reflect on the click bait titles on Roblox, used to lure users in.
  • This Map was part of the Survive the Disasters 3 update.
  • The person that created the map is Iawesomedeveloper.