This disaster can't be confused with Bullet Bill (Classic), the version from Survive The Disasters.


Bullet Bill is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2. It is based off of the same character from the Super Mario franchise.


Bullet Bill comes from the sky! It aims right next to the shop, targeting usually where the house is located. Has an extremely large blast radius, so move out of there quick!

Hyper Bullet Bill

It is similar to the normal Bullet Bill, but he lands on the ground even more quickly with a faster sound effect, with a larger explosion radius. It's also golden in color.

Impossible Bullet Bill

It looks like the Hyper Bullet Bill, but instead of fall on the house, it falls on a random player.


  • If you touch the Bullet Bill before it lands on the ground, you earn a badge, Point Blank.
    • Hyper Bullet Bill has a better chance of giving you this badge.
  • Find the correct place in a house to get Point Blank is better than jumping on the respawn area.
  • Bullet Bill serves as a replacement for an old disaster that worked similarly to this, called Plane Crash, from the early-to-middle stages of the Beta versions, but then it was removed due to a potential terrorist reference.
    • Both disasters use the same explosion sound effect.
  • The Bullet Bill from the Super Mario Bros. series has two arms, while the Bullet Bill used here lacks them.
  • The Bullet Bill Blast Radius is smaller than the Illumina.
  • Bullet Bill will be replaced by Missile Strike due to copyright