"The cake is the truth." - ROBLOX
Cake is a disaster from Survive The Disasters 1 and Survive The Disasters 2.


A plate of cake slices will appear near the middle of the map. Cake slices are very fast, and they deal 22 damage when they come in contact. They jump very high, and also are big. It's safest to be away from them, or under an area where they're too big to even reach you.

Hyper Cake

The cake splits into twelve slices instead of eight slices. The slice move a little bit faster.


  • Its hitbox is actually much smaller than it appears; just because you are inside of the cake doesn't mean you are taking damage from the cake.
    • If the Cake is dead, you can still take damage from the cake.
  • Hyper cake is immune to dooms touch