The Danger Mode (also known as Warning, or Warning Round in the community) is a mechanic in Survive The Disasters 2. Danger Modes are variants of different disasters, used to make the game harder.
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The "WARNING!!!" notice alerts the player of a Danger Mode.

When a Danger Mode is about to appear, a "WARNING!!!" notice will appear during the intermission, which is accompanied with an alarm-like sound. Danger Modes have a 16.7% chance of occurring, making it the most common after Boss Time and Bonus Rounds.

The Coins collected after the round are multiplied depending on the Danger Mode chosen, as a bonus for surviving a harder than normal round. Hypers give 1.5x as much coins as the normal version

Currently, there are four different Danger Modes active in the game, with one more that is to be implemented on a later date, and three that have been removed for the sake of game balance.

Certain Danger Modes, especially some combinations in Multi Disaster rounds, can prove to be very difficult or even impossible. Be careful!

Types of Danger Modes

Multi Disaster (30% chance)

  • Quadruple Threat: Four random disasters in a single round. Removed in v1.24 to lower the game's difficulty. Appeared in STD 4.
  • Quintuple Threat: Five random disasters in a single round. Only appears in STD 4.
  • Triple Triple Threat: Six random disasters in a single round. Only appears in STD 4.

Disaster Variants (40% chance)

  • Hyper Disaster: A tougher version of a disaster is performed in that round.
  • Impossible Disaster (to be implemented): An even tougher version of a disaster is performed. Extremely difficult, but not necessarily impossible. Available only in the upcoming hardcore mode, this mode will replace Hyper Disasters.

Mystery Disaster (30% chance)

  • Mystery Disaster: A random disaster is performed, however the name is not revealed and heavy white fog surrounds the entire map, making it hard to react to the disaster's threats.