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Dynamites & Noobs in Double Trouble disaster.

Double Trouble disasters are disasters that happen after a danger mode warning. They will include two disasters in the same round. For example: To survive a "Zombies" and "Get Down" combo, you would have to perform the survival strategies of the two disasters at the same time, which also decreased the survival chances due to the extra difficulty. Double Trouble was first introduced in Survive The Disasters 2 Beta, and continued as a standard mechanic in the current versions.


First, you need to know how to survive each disaster, then try to think how to master both of them in the same times.

For example, in order to survive Get down, you must stand to the lowest floor as fast as possible, then so as to survive Zombies, you must go far away from the center or kill them, when you have to mind both of them if you dont want to die because you are standing with lots of zombies or accidently jumping while the Get down block is still remaining.

The only way to get experience is practising each of disaster.

Coins Payout

Add up the coins payout of the two chosen disasters,then multiple it by 80%.


Double Trouble disasters just incorporate 2 disasters simultaneously. The combos vary in difficulty, depending on the disasters included. Sometimes, the combos can be deadly, but sometimes they can be easy.

Version History

  1. Beta: Double Trouble were added to the game.
  2. Demo: New Double Trouble combos were added to the game.
  3. Game release: Double Troubles were two random disasters selected by the game, but the combos are not impossible to survive (usually called as Weird combos): e.g. Death Trampoline and Get Down.

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