This disaster can't be confused with Explosive Noobs (Classic).

Explosive Noobs is a disaster that was featured in Survive The Disasters 1, as well as in its sequel, Survive The Disasters 2.


The noobs found a way to fuse the power of a time bomb with themselves, acting like a timebomb to chase people. Once they start blinking red, you should REALLY get away from them. Bloxxing them will stop the explosion.


They appear on the spawn spots in the map, run after players, and, when they get close to a player, start to flash red and explode after a couple of seconds. When they explode, they release a small blast radius, which kills anyone who is caught in it.

Hyper Explosive Noobs

They are similar to the normal Explosive Noobs, but do not blink red, making it impossible to tell when they are going to explode. It is recommended to constantly keep a safe distance away from them.


  • In the classic version, Explosive Noobs are called "Exploding Noobs". Instead of blinking red, "Exploding Noobs" can explode anytime without dying.
    • It was probably removed because it caused too much lag to the game.
  • In Version 1.23, Explosive Noobs had pumpkins on their heads.