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Hardcore Mode is an upcoming game mode for Survive The Disasters 2. It is similar to the normal game, but is much more difficult to survive and is only available to S Rank survivors. It has yet to be officially released.

Its release date is unknown, as it is not finished yet.

Confirmed Changes

  • The disasters last much longer. Normal/Warnings last 60 seconds, and the exclusive super-bosses last 180 seconds.
  • Hardcore versions of the streak badges will be active.
  • All of the normal disasters are replaced with their Hyper counterparts in regular rounds.
  • The Hyper versions for this game mode are called Impossible Disasters.
  • Warnings will become more frequent.


There are four badges for Hardcore Mode, all of them being survival streak badges. As Hardcore Mode is not yet released, they cannot be obtained yet.

Badge Name Rarity Desciption
Fighter Moderate Reach a survival streak of 7
Challenger Difficult Reach a survival streak of 21
Daredevil Very Difficult Reach a survival streak of 50
Hardcore Insanely Difficult Reach a survival streak of 100

Updates So Far

Hardcore Mode Demo

Hardcore Mode Demo

The first Hardcore Mode preview.

Crimson reaper 2

Crimson reaper 2.0 on hardcore

The showcase of Crimson Reaper 2.0.

  • Vyriss's first preview of Hardcore Mode showcased the first version of Crimson Reaper, Reaper's Hyper counterpart.
  • Vyriss second preview showcased "Crimson Reaper 2.0", Reaper's Impossible counterpart, on 12/28/17. The preview also showcased a new version of Machine Madness. She also confirmed that more bullet hell disasters/bosses will be added.
  • In Version 1.26, some additions and changes related to Hardcore Mode were listed in the update thumbnail:
    • Hardcore super-bosses now have a 180 second round timer.
    • Two new impossible disasters (Fire Breath and Zerg Lurker)
    • Re-balancing of Impossible Hammer Eggman.
  • A new Hardcore-exclusive version of Galantasy was revealed to have been added in Version 1.31.
  • The crimson themes of Spooksville and Moonbase are going to be moved to hardcore and will not appear on the normal game.


  • It is unknown if your Rank/Coins from the normal game mode will carry over to Hardcore.
  • Vyriss's first preview showcased the Game Master Coil and the Game Master Stars before their initial release, without any details. It also showed a new version of Green Hill Zone.