Kamehameha is a disaster from Survive The Disasters 1 and Survive The Disasters 2.


Super Saiyan Goku launches a laser from a corner to a corner of the map! The corners left and right of him is where his beam won't reach. Prepare yourself!

Hyper Kamehameha

The laser turns faster than the usual and is slightly larger.

Impossible Kamehameha

Shoots laser faster, laser almost hits corners. The laser also starts at either the left or right side.


  • This disaster is based off of Goku's signature technique from the Dragon Ball series.
  • In Survive The Disasters 1, the disaster message was "KAMEHAMEHA!!!" to indicate how strong the disaster can be.
  • If the disaster occurs in the Castle Gardens map, it can destroy the map's background walls.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the Disaster warning was renamed to “supe

    Goku launched the laser in Atlantis

    r goku“.