Survive The Disasters 2 has several important mechanics, and they make the game more enjoyable.

Main Mechanics

Minor Mechanics

Hit/Heal Numbers

Green number

Players being healed, as depicted by the green numbers.

  • When a player or disaster is healed, a green number will appear around them, indicating how much they are being healed.
  • If a player is being hit by an Enemy or something dangerous, a red number will appear around the player, indicating how much damage (s)he is taking.
  • If a player is hitting an enemy with a weapon or the enemy is somehow taking damage, a yellow number will appear around the enemy, indicating how much damage it is taking.

Upgrade Sparkles

When a weapon is upgraded, sparkles will circulate around the it, and the sparkles have a different color according to the quality of the Orb. These were temporarily removed in the latest versions.


A Menu button will always appear on the left side of the player's screen, and when the player clicks on the button, a menu will fill the center of the screen. This menu has five options: Settings, Achievements & Stats, Upgrade Gear, Help, and Disaster Memos.

  • Settings: When this option is selected, you can change the size of the Menu button and Leaderboard. The name of the current song can be seen, and the volume of it and the game's sound effects can be changed.
  • Achievements & Stats: Shows the player's total score and badges.
  • Upgrade Gear: Where the player can upgrade their gear.
  • Help: Shows all basic information about the game.
  • Disaster Memos: Shows all obtained Memos by the player.


The server leaderboard shows the Name, amount of Coins, Total Survivals, Streak, and Rank that each player has. This is not to be confused with the Global Leaderboard, which shows the all time players in serverwide.

  • Coins: The main currency of the game, used to buy gear at the Gear Shop and spin the Orb Gachapon for Orbs.
  • Rank: The level of experience that the player has in-game. The higher the it is, the more experienced they are likely to be, and the more gear they can purchase at the Gear Shop.
  • Total Survivals: Shows the total amount of times the player has survived. This is not limited to a single server.
  • Streak: How many times the player has survived without dying in the server.