Moonbase is a Map in Survive The Disasters 2. It also appear in Survive The Disasters 1, with a different design.


Moonbase is set on the face of a planet/moon/gravitational force in space. There are craters filled with solid acid(lava on crimson version). The ground on Moonbase is very rocky, with some bridge and point type.

Key Features

(*) Asterisk indicate the new features in Version 1.29.
  • The classic Roblox house, right of the Shop.
  • A couple of construction/digging machines.
  • Craters filled with lava (Acid if it's the day or night version).
  • Rock bridges and points.
  • * Metal structures, one is closed roof and other opened.
  • * Plateau covered on the side of the map.
  • * Some metal walls covered outside of the map.
  • * Basic tower located northeast outside map, including satellite tower located near the house on the left side (outside of the map).