Not to be confused with Press The Button (Classic), the version in Survive The Disasters.


Press The Button is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


A button appears at the center of the map! This button is very dangerous to survivors who aren't near it. If you are far away from the middle, you can always go to a corner.


When the Disaster begins, a green button appears in the center of the map. If it is not pressed, nothing will happen. However, if it is pressed, giant kill bricks will kill every player that is not in the center or corners of the map as the button turns into a red color to signify that it was pressed. The kill bricks disappear after about 1-2 seconds.

Hyper Press The Button

Hyper mode supposed to be released in Version 1.31. But it was released earlier in the April Fools (2018) update.

The button can appear in any enemy spawn instead of the center, although the kill bricks have an increased delay of 4 seconds to appear. It also can kill players who are in the corners of the map.

If the button is not pressed by the last 7 seconds of the round, it will press itself. This means players who are not near the button by the last 3 seconds of the round will be killed.

RobloxScreenShot20180407 213756039

Press The Button in hyper mode. To show that the button was placed in a spawn point.


  • Press The Button has the highest Coin payout of any Disaster in the game.
  • It may be the hardest disaster for newer players, as well as any players in Pacifist Mode, as they do not have any tools to quickly go to the center or corners.
  • This disaster is more of a social experiment; nothing happens when the button is left unpressed until the disaster ends. It is based entirely on the players' knowledge of the disaster.
  • If you are close enough to the button, you can get the Last One Standing achievement if you react fast enough. This happens more often during a mystery disaster and always during Hyper mode.
  • If you press the button in the "Survive The Disasters 3" update, there's no way to survive next to it and you will die if you go to a corner. This is because the deadly bricks were reversed.
  • The button model is actually a ROBLOX pie, but upside down with a green/red enlarged head inside, while in the prequel/beta build 1-2 it is an extremely squashed green/red ninja mask.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, it’s Disaster name was renamed to “press it”, and there are different events can be happen:
    • The button explodes and kill players who are in its radius, revealing a Illumina. It will take some seconds for this to happen.
    • Have its safe and unsafe area swapped, killing players who are in either corner or centre of map.
    • Works like normal ones.
    • To survive it if someone were to press the button, The Kill Bricks will come at a certain time.
      • When the Kill bricks come fast, the kill bricks will be put in reverse.
      • When the Kill Bricks take too long to spawn, they'll spawn as normal or it'll be the Illumina.

        A button with Illumina on it in Survive The Disasters 4.

    • During the Hyper version, if the button is pressed, the Kill bricks will spawn immediately without delay.
  • It was nerfed in Version 1.32. Kill bricks now appear after 3 seconds the button was pressed instead appear immediately in Hyper Press The Button.
  • Hyper Press The Button is one of the most unfair hyper disasters in game. If someone finds it then everyone else will probably die unless they spot the button when it's pressed and run to it.