Not to be confused with Shedletsky (Classic).

Shedletsky is an enemy disaster in Survive The Disasters 2. It also appears in Survive The Disasters.


Everyone turns into Shedletsky's favorite food. They can eat you up to three bites. Just run away!


  • If you eat Turkey legs, you can get the badge "You Are What You Eat".
  • The player turns into a Turkey Leg when this disaster starts, and it lasts until the map changes or until the player character is killed or reset.
  • Shedletskies are very fast.
  • They can't climb that well. Go to a high place to avoid being eaten.
  • They have 200 hp instead of 100 hp. It is recommended to use a very strong ranged weapon to kill them.
  • On Survive The Disasters 4, Shedletskies head was replaced with a real image of John Shedletsky smiling.
    • Everytime Shedletskies touches a player, a laugh sound will play.
    • And its disafter warning was renamed to “shedelsky“.