Spiked Walls is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Two spiked walls will come from two directions! The key of surviving is to always go in the middle of the map.

Hyper Spiked Walls

Instead of two walls appearing on two sides, four walls appear on all four sides, forming a square in the middle, rather than a line. The walls also get faster.

Impossible Spiked Walls

The spikes are really sharp and it's more faster. There's 2 walls instead of hyper 4.
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Hyper Spiked Walls


  • Spiked Walls used to be called Closing Walls and always came from the front and back of the map. The walls would also be closer together than right now.
  • Before 1.19, Spiked Walls pushed all debris to the middle. Now, it doesn't, and Hyper Spiked Walls was nerfed.
  • The Spiked Walls missing spikes is actually real spikes, but invisible.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, it's disaster warning was renamed to "Watch Out There Are Spiked Walls Inclosing Towards The Center".
  • In STD2 Corrupted Vyriss leaked impossible spiked walls. The spikes are super sharp and the walls move faster. There is only 2 walls, unlike its hyper counterpart.

The old warning from Survive The Disasters 2 Beta

Version History

1.19: If the Spiked Walls come into contact with debris on the floor. The debris will not be pushed by the walls anymore as it may also push the players to their death.

1.22: The speed of the spiked walls will be boosted up from it's previous speed in the V 1.22 update coming in the future.