"Somebody call for an exterminator?"
- Nuke Defused Badge
The Terran Ghost is a disaster from Survive The Disasters 2.


A nuke is detected! Terran Ghost will point at a random enemy spawn with a laser pointer. You'll be able to know which enemy spawn he's pointing if you find a blinking red dot. Distance yourself away from it! The nuke comes 15 seconds later. You can also find the Terran Ghost and kill him, so the nuke won't come. He's very transparent so it'll be difficult to spot him.

Hyper Terran Ghost

The blast radius is bigger. The 'red dot' is much smaller, making the Terran Ghost much harder to find. The nuke announcement is also of a lower pitch. Terran Ghost's appearance becomes completely invisible so that players won't find him.
RobloxScreenShot20170709 204153545

The Terran Ghost in Green Hill Zone.

Finding the Terran Ghost

You have only 17 seconds to find the Terran Ghost, as it will disappear after the explosion. Look for a black, transparent NPC somewhere on the map. Using the Lightning Staff to reveal his location is a good tactic, but speeding around with the Epic Katana or Game Master's Sword is better.


  • The Terran Ghost is originally from the StarCraft series, where they are feared for their assassination skills and ability to cloak.
  • Killing the Terran Ghost will stop the nuke from spawning, getting the badge "Nuke Defused".
    • Once he is killed, he will let off a scream to signal that he has been found and killed.
  • Atlantis (Day) is a map that makes Terran Ghost easier to see.
  • On Survive The Disasters 4, it's disaster warning was renamed to "invisible nuke boi".
  • When the nuke appears, it looks to be a rocket from a rocket launcher from the Roblox Catalog.