This disaster can't be confused with Tornado (Classic).

Tornado is a natural disaster from Survive The Disasters 2. It also appears in Survive The Disasters 1.


A giant tornado appears at the end of the map. Any parts in contact with it will break and fly off. Stay away from where the tornado is coming from.


  • This disaster used to rip off the shopkeeper's arm off.
  • Due to ROBLOX Physics, this disaster can make some bricks disappear immediately instead of being tossed around.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, Tornado received some changes.
    • It's disaster name was renamed to "tornander".
    • Tornado moved while flipping.
  • The Tornado now starts in a corner and in the center.
    • If it were to start in a corner in Green Hill Zone, it would also take down the wall to the Chaos Emerald, leaving the entrance completely open.