Not to be confused with Tsunami (Classic).

Tsunami is a natural disaster in Survive The Disasters 2. It also appears in Survive The Disasters.


Tsunami can appear in any direction. If you are elevated high enough, you can survive it no problem. With no ground to stand, it's probably wise to have a gravity coil with you.

Old Hyper Tsunami

Hyper Tsunami was a deadly hyper disaster that was much larger and descended quicker than its normal counterpart. However, it was still possible to survive if the player had a sufficiently strong Gravity/Fusion Coil and jumped from a high enough place. Before, you could also get to a side at the direction where it's flowing, as the tsunami would be much lower.

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Old Hyper Tsunami

Current Hyper Tsunami

In Version 1.22, Hyper Tsunami was nerfed drastically. Hyper Tsunami is now the same as Tsunami except the wave never shrinks while it comes.


  • Hyper Tsunamis have a high chance to come from the house side.
  • Unmentioned in the memo is that the tsunami shrinks as it flows across the map.
  • If the tsunami spawns at an unanchored building that is very close to it, the building can flip. This tends to happen more often during Hyper Tsunami.
  • Prior to its nerf in Version 1.22, Hyper Tsunami was known to be one of the hardest Hyper Disasters, after Hyper Fire Breath, Hyper X-Bomb, and Hyper Spiked Walls.
  • In the alpha and beta versions of the game, Tsunami had a slightly higher hitbox, and always spawned on the northern side of the map (where Reaper and Black Mage spawn).
  • This is the first disaster with a Coin payout that isn't a multiple of five, the second being Mr. Happy.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, the Disaster warning was renamed to “soonami”.