The Zerg Lurker is a disaster from Survive The Disasters 2 that originally appeared in the Starcraft series. An Impossible version is supposedly in the works.


Zerg Lurker appears burrowed underground. It will attack anyone who's on the ground, with eight large spikes (1-hit KO). Its aim is very accurate, can't be standing around like a sitting duck! Elevate yourself so you can get out of its range.

Hyper Zerg Lurker

The Zerg Lurker now attacks faster. It can also detect players on higher ground.


  • Players cannot go inside the hole, they simply stand on top of the darkness.
  • The Zerg Lurker itself does not appear; only the hole it resides in appears.
  • This is the first ever non-2D disaster to receive an Impossible Version.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, zerg lurker doesn't work so that it doesn't hit everyone.
    • It's disaster warning was renamed to "prickly boi".