Not to be confused with Zombie Survival.

Zombies is a disaster in both Survive The Disasters and Survive The Disasters 2.


Zombies spawn on the gravestones when they appear. Zombies are quite slow, but very powerful, damaging 22 ~ 35 per hit. If they kill you, your character will respawn as a zombie, attacking even more people. The zombified version has a faster walkspeed.

Hyper Zombies

The zombies now can instantly kill you, even stronger than regular. They also move slightly faster. They are also immune to Dooms Touch.


  • If the player get killed by zombies, the player get a "One of Them" badge.
  • If the player dies by zombies, a zombie with the name of the killed player will join the zombie group to help zombies.
    • The said zombie will also move faster than the normal zombies.
  • The zombies now spawn one by one; before it would spawn all zombies simultaneously.